Does Ultrasonic Remover Work on Cellulite?

Cellulite is a skin problem that is more common in women’s thighs, buttocks, and lower abdomen. It is named “Cellulite” because it looks like orange peel and honeycomb. Although men may also have this skin problem, 90 to 98% of patients are women.

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Cellulite is actually the fat that accumulates under the surface of the skin, but because the connecting fat collagen fibers are stretched in some parts and tightened in other parts, the fat is unevenly protruding from the skin surface. Everyone has a layer of fat under their skin, even thin people may suffer from cellulite.

Can Ultrasonic Remover Get Rid of Cellulite?

There are many methods to remove cellulite. Today, I am going to show you if the ultrasonic cellulite remover does its wonder.

The beauty boost offers red and blue light modes red mode suits all types of skin and encourages circulation for firmer-looking skin. the blue mode is designated for acne-prone skin. it targets bacteria and assists in reducing the appearance of redness ion technology utilize micro-electric pulses to enhance the appearance of your skin ion plus charges help to kill bacteria and are recommended to be used with the blue light mode the ion negative charges help to enhance product absorption and are recommended to be used with the red light mode the ultrasonic function emits high-frequency sound waves we recommend adding the ultrasonic feature with each application to intensify your body care regimen.

connect the body sculpting device to the power cord press the on/off button to switch ON or switch off your device press led and choose the desired light mode press I on negative to maximize benefits of the red light mode press I on positive to maximize benefits of the blue light mode the sonic and ion features can be adjusted by pressing the function button repeatedly we recommend using the Beauty boost body sculpting device three times per week applied to each area for three to six minutes the Beauty boost sculpting device also comes with gloves and massage pads which are designed to be used with the EMS electric muscle stimulation function this function stimulates your muscles.

With low-level electrical currents allowing them to contract these muscle movements have the potential to improve fat mass and body fat percentage and reduce muscle pain when using this mode, the metalhead should never make direct contact with your skin you may use the EMS function with either massage pads or gloves depending on the desired pressure for firmer pressure use the massage pads connect one end of the EMS wire to the pads and the other end to the device remove protective films and stick both pads onto your desired application area.

Do not overlap the pads ensure that the EMS mode is set at zero to choose your desired on the left side of the device slimming acupuncture need massage padding press the power button to turn on the device then press the EMS button to start the EMS function select desired EMS intensity level on the right side of the device for lighter pressure use the gloves connect one end of the EMS wire to the gloves and the other end to the device where the gloves with the wire end pointing upwards.


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