Wayne Co. Drag Strip

Wayne County Drag Strip

wcs drag strip racing

                      A 1/8 mile concrete race surface completed in January 2001.

Wayne County Drag Racing is returned, and this Saturday, June 6th of 2020, mod race come to win $1000 plus golden trophy cup.  You can buy tickets now, and the gates would be open half 3 pm, and racing starts at half 5 as following. Test and Tune $20 (car & driver) —spectators $10 kids 12 and under free.

Saturday is another hot day according to weather forecasting. However, the show must be going on, as we all need this big shout on racing race.

A big list of Mods come to entertain the fans round after round and Durwood Lamm raced his way to the top to win his first race at Hook City besting runner.

Thanks for supporting Nahunta Dragway !!! Drag racing returns this Saturday night!!

Jewelry Cleaning Service

To celebrate our return of Drag Racing, our organizers offer the free jewelry cleaning service for anyone who has a valid ticket onsite. We can clean one piece of jewelry for you for free as long as you participate in the racing shows on Saturday.

We will bring up the most powerful jewelry steam cleaner on site by then. That is a powerful jewelry cleaner that can handle as large as 30 – 50 pieces of jewelry simultaneously. Therefore, we promise your valuable jewelry won’t get any harm, as we don’t use any detergent chemical but just heat hot water steaming jet.

The workers employed for jewelry cleaning are very professional and have been working in the jewelry businesses for many years. So, they are experienced and professional. They know how to clean your jewelry properly, and meanwhile, they also offer free advice on how to maintain and extend your jewelry lifespan for as long as possible.

So, if you have jewelry pieces in the collection, please do not miss this free cleaning offer on Saturday. We are waiting for you.


Every Wednesday Night & Every Sunday Afternoon


Wayne County Drag Strip Phone Number: 919-242-8100

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